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Established to help organizations develop effective secured business solutions, AIS is one of the rare consultancies that offer a full range of innovative infrastructure, development and security services specific to actual business needs. Having the appropriate knowledge and skills to assess effectiveness, suitability, quality and costs of recommended and specified solutions, AIS can achieve the critical success factor & best value for money.


To become the premiere supplier of reliable, high-quality, innovative & cost effective security services and solutions in the middle-east.


To face the customers' security challenges with superior, innovative, creative and cost-effective solutions that support & empower the business goals.


AIS philosophy is based on building long-term relationship with the customers. AIS is not only selling products and services to its customers, rather AIS is building a continuous partnership relation to help customers in facing the ever evolving security challenges. AIS is making its knowledge available to the customer and utilizing it to the customer benefits.


AIS structure is divided into the following sections:
 Sales and Marketing:
Responsible for the sales and marketing activities. AIS is depending greatly on its partners and channels to handle these activities. AIS is always seeking new partnerships to expand its distribution channels.
 Core Technical:
The main AIS core for providing professional security services and consultancies. Core technical include security and infrastructure expertise trained on different methodologies in a vendor-neutral way.
The core development provisioning section where security software is being developed. Development is being focused on the security products to develop both generic and customized security software solutions.
 IT Resources:
Providing professional IT resources to different companies. The engagement could be based on out-sourcing services or as organization full-time employment.


These are the values that inform and inspire all of our activities, and distinguish us as a company. They demonstrate our belief that the manner in which we work must be purposeful and carry the same sense of significance as the outcomes we are trying to achieve.
 Operation with integrity and honesty.
 Driven by customers & dedicated to their success.
 Promise what we can deliver & deliver what we promise.
 Constructive self-criticism, self-improvement, and personal excellence.

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