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Integrated Security and Protection Family


Integrated Security & Protection Family (ISAP Family) is the name of AIS's products line. ISAPFamily is locally-developed security software solutions that provide the latest answers to customers' security challenges.

ISAPFamily products are aiming to help customers in mitigating the security risks along with reaching the security ultimate goal of compliance with international standards.

AIS is aiming to compete with the existing security solutions through its high-quality, locally-supported, customizable and cost-effective solutions.

Methodology Value for Customer Family Members

ISAPFamily Methodology

ISAPFamily product creation is following a unique methodology to AIS. This methodology was developed based on years of experience in both software development and security fields.

AIS aims to provide the best-of-breed security solutions to its customers through its innovative security solutions.

Creating a new ISAPFamily product involves the following:

  • International security & compliance requirements:
    • AIS makes sure that the created product will meet the international security standards (ex. ISO27001, PCI-DSS, ..etc).
  • Best-of-breed security products:
    • AIS surveys the available international security products to get the sense of direction and to identify the major strength points to be included in ISAPFamily products.
  • Open source security products:
    • AIS also reviews the available open source solutions to identify the techniques used in implementation.
  • Market security requirements:
    • Based on its existence on the market, AIS identifies the requirements specific to industry of business type. AIS makes sure to include such requirements in its created solution.
  • AIS experience:
    • AIS expertise are mixing all of the above to plan, design, implement and test the selected ISAPFamily product.

The methodology will produce a product with all of the above areas taken into consideration. ISAPFamily products are accompanied with training programs for enabling effective operation of its products along with continuous support through AIS professional team.

The process is repeated/restarted for each created product to ensure that the provided solution will preserve its high standards and its effectiveness and so to maximize the customer benefits.

For more information, please contact info@ais-egypt.com.

Value for Customers

  • Improved security throughout the organization.
    • Elevating the organization's security level through mitigating different security risks using appropriate ISAPFamily products.
  • Better business requirements achievement through customization.
    • Locally developed ISAPFamily solutions have the advantages of customization. Through our development team, customers will be able to request specific features to be added to ISAPFamily products.
  • Best value for money with local solutions that meets international standards.
    • ISAPFamily was developed with the local market in mind. Local expertise succeeded to solve the equation of price vs performance.
  • Better operation performance through local support expertise.
    • Local support is availble for all of ISAPFamily products. With the deep understanding of the product and its implementation methods, customer will gurantee that any operation problem will be solved.

ISAPFamily Members

  • ISAP Strong Authentication Server:
    • A multi-technology solution for providing strong authentication mechanism. Technologies include One-Time Password and Grid Card.
  • ISAP Thin WorkSpace Solution:
    • An innovative solution for converting the organization architecture to centralized server-based processing.
  • ISAP Secure Disk Solution:
    • The best solution for the file security requirements while being stored or collected for central backup.

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